“The sealing-off measures of the East Berlin government did not increase, but lessened, the danger of a third world war.” – French Premier Paul Reynaud, 19 August 1961



The year is 1945. World War 2 is about to come to an end. The Red Army has reached Berlin after pushing back fascists from as far away as Moscow. The “allies” have also reached Berlin from the other side.



However, the plans for an Eastward march were in making before the Second world war even ended.



Trojan, Pincher, Bushwhacker, Crankshaft, Halfmoon, Cogwheel, Offtackle, Charioteer, Dropshot. Do these names ring a bell? 



These were the names of the operations that the “allies” had planned to wipe out the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and “liberate” the world from Communism.



Dropshot, which was to begin on January 1 1957, had four waves of attack. The first wave included dropping 300 nuclear and 250,000 tons of conventional bombs on 100 selected cities. The second wave would see a land invasion on the Soviet Union with 250 NATO divisions and capturing of Soviet ports. The third wave would deploy all known weapons (chemical, biological, small arms etc), finally breaking the USSR, dividing it into zones of occupation, and deploying NATO troops.



An estimated total of 80 million innocents would have been killed if these plans were realized.



The “allies” had a clear intention of eliminating any opposition to their domination and exploitation of the world and its resources. These plans, along with creating instability in Eastern Europe, was the aim of the “allies”.



While the Soviet Union called for demilitarizing Germany, the West had different plans.



It began by introducing the Deutsche Mark, a separate currency in 1948 and then dividing Germany in 1949, effectively creating a separate state. In 1954, West Germany was added to NATO. In 1958, a decision was made to arm the west with nuclear weapons.



On top of all this – acts of sabotage were being conducted. Over a hundred proposals for talks were rejected.



The GDR, which had to pay hefty war reparations to the Soviet Union (the West backed out of its part of the agreement), was losing 350 million Marks every year. Moreover, its skilled labour, doctors and engineers trained to repair the war-torn country’s economy and care for its workforce, were being lured into West Germany.



Tunnels were being dug, municipal railway cars were being destroyed, bomb attacks were being carried out, guards on the frontier were being attacked and shot. It was clear, the West was enticing the East and with the Soviet into a war.



West Germany was the inheritor of fascism. It was a puppet of the United States that had put former Nazis into positions of power. The “Anti-Fascist Wall,” as it was rightly called, prevented a conflict by putting a halt on Western advances. Had a war broken out it would have not only wiped out all of Europe – but with it the entire planet.





Featured in Revolution Report №9 – October 2021
By Fyodor Ulyanov


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